Monday, September 28, 2009

Need input from my mommy friends!

So.. we have been going back and forth on the potty training issue. We feel it is time and Sammy is ready but I so desperately want to wait until I am done with my qualifying exams and a teensy bit less stressed, ok I will be A LOT less stressed on that glorious day. I was wondering if you could leave some comments/email me with how you potty trained yours and any tips/suggestions you may have.

This next little snipit of our morning is not censored and is kinda gross but just wanted to share what led me to post this.
We need to be out the door on the way to drop Sammy off at school by 7:45 at the latest but prefer 7:30. At promptly 7:30 Sammy headed to the bathroom. One of the signs that leads me to think he is ready for potty training is that he goes consistently to our dark bathroom and wants total privacy to poop. He says "no no Mommy poop!" and waves his hand if we try to go in while he is busy standing by the wall going. This am I interrupted him and tried to pull his pants /diaper off to put him on his potty and he screamed. I gave in and let him win that one b/c wanted to avoid a negative association with the potty so I left and gave him his privacy. Sam and I both heard unusual sounds but waited a few min before heading in. I don't know if he was angry with me or just having fun but what I walked into was TERRIBLY DISGUSTING! He had dug his hand in his diaper and painted poo all over the wall and floor!!! Worst of all it was on HIM! It was all over his hands/clothes, arms and ..... FACE! His little eye looked like a raccoon with a giant poo spot all around where he clearly wiped his eye. It was so disgusting, I literally gagged a good 12 or 13 times while cleaning him/bathing him. Needless to say it was about 8:30 by the time he and Sam headed out the door. UGH!

I should add this is not the first digging in the diaper experience. He always says "Mommy, poop" after he goes and tries to then take his diaper off. So gross.

Ok.... SO clearly we need some help/suggestions. Thanks mommies!