Thursday, February 26, 2009

#1 and #4

Samuelito with his great grandparents

A few weekends ago when we came up for Dallas and Virginia's wedding Sam and Sammy went to go visit Pops (the original Sam DeLucca) and Esther while I caught up on some grading. Sam said that it was just the sweetest visit. They happened to go right around Sammy's nap time so he wasn't quite as wound up as he usually is. He played with Pops and Ester some and then Sam said they just sat and cuddled! I wish I could have seen them. Esther smelled his head a lot and kissed him and Pops just sat with him and talked to him in Spanish, so Sam didn't know what he was saying. I am so thankful that Pops and Esther are still around so that Sammy has a chance to get to know them. I really hope he will have some memories of them to carry with him as he matures in to a man. I have decided next time we go I am bringing the real video camera and asking Pops to record some "life advise" for Sammy so we can show him when he is much older (can't even imagine).

I also thought I would put up some pics from our trip to St. Augustine the weekend before last. We had so much fun visiting Sam's family! We stopped by the side of the road and saw some cows and then later some horses, peakocks, roosters, and a donkey! Sammy LOVED all the animals. He simply adores his Grandpa and was so cute as he waited by the door for him to come inside, the two of them are something else together. We definitely know where Sammy gets his wild side from, he gets it honestly that's for sure. It is funny to see Sammy with Sam, Sarah, and Dad all at the same time b/c they all have the exact same smile, Sammy's is just miniture version! He hugged and kissed on his Grammy the entire weekend and is really attached to his little cow she got him. He takes it with him everywhere, h ha. He had so much fun with her on the merry go round! He was very serious and didnt crack a smile, I think he was just taking it all in. It is sureal to see him on that, all I can think of is how Leslie, Laurie, and I rode it together each summer..... so to see my baby on it is strange. Sarah and Brenan came to hang with us on Sunday and Sammy of course showed off for his auntie, he showed her his belly button, his ears, his teeth, and every other body part. He can just about say Sarah when we look at her pics, we say "where is Auntie Sarah?" and he points to her pic and says "Sayr" it is sooo cute!

My Sams are both on the mend, Sam is still not feeling back to his old self but is much improved and Sammy still has a bad cough and yucky nose but hasn't thrown up and is not as congested, thank goodness! My rough day was indeed rough, didn't get to bed until 4 am last night but I got all my work done and made it through today and am ready for my mommy & me day tomorrow! I think we will head to the park! yay! I LOVE Fridays! Ok, I'm off to bed to catch up on sleep..I was so tired today that during my lunch with the prospective candidate I had asked her about her research and when she responded I actually caught myself thinking about our bed and how soft the sheets were and what it would be like to put my head on the pillow, real productive, huh?

I love you Auntie Sarah!!!Muah!! XXOO

So silly! He was so happy to wake up and see them!

He begged Grandpa to read this book and he gave in, right in the middle of the kitchen floor! So sweet!

Grammy took him to visit the moo cows, there were so many of them!

Sammy was ready to PLAY, not ime for pics!

I love you Grammy! He held on so tight and was just amazed! What a big boy!

This was a cool slide Sammy had never been on one like this before and loved it

Giggling in the swing!