Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Uncles times Two!

Sammy was in uncle heaven when Caleb came into Jax for the weekend and we all headed over to his parents house to visit him. He go to hang out with both his Uncle Brennan AND his Uncle Crumb (what he calls Caleb) at the same time. Caleb was Sam’s best man in our wedding, they have been best buddies since they were boys and have gone through so much together. Caleb moved to Japan about 7 years ago to teach English and while there he fell madly in love with his now wife, Sayuri. We have loved getting to know her and are thrilled that the two of them found each other. I love watching them interact as they speak a mix of Japanese and English with each other. Caleb has told us many of Sayuri’s “firsts” in America which always make us smile, like the first time she ate corn pops for breakfast. They moved last year to Hawaii where Caleb is now working. Although they were legally married in Japan before moving here they never had their wedding ceremony so it will be this coming March, in HAWAII!!! YEA! We are so excited for them. 

Sayuri was visiting her family in Japan so we didn’t get to see her this time but we were still excited to catch up with Caleb and his parents. Caleb’s dad, Robert, was actually one of our groomsmen when we were married and Sammy adores him. He loves to show off for Mr. Robert in a big way. Sammy and I let Sam have some alone time with Caleb during the day so they could catch up without us around. They went up flying in Robert’s plane and I did my best not to focus on them being up in the sky. All in all it was a super fun night and made us wish even more that we could live closer to Caleb & Sayuri.


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