Tuesday, February 2, 2010

A must see!

I just saw the most amazing video while I was doing my report on the BBBS site. This is a total must watch (I promise it isn't long and will be totally 100% worth your time) especially for those of you who may wonder why I spend so much time with our little Banana . I truly hope and pray she and I can have a similar story, I want her to help me walk when I am 90 and it would be fabulous to be her maid of honor one day. This match featured on Good Morning America took it so much farther than the BBBS program. As Chester states in the video, his little became part of his family and their lives were intertwined. He says being a big is not a one way deal, you get just as much (I would say MORE) out of the program than your little.

I of course can't post without pics so here are a few below of Hannah Banana. The 4 of us had a great time enjoying Sammy's new wagon at the park a little while ago. I sure love that girl more than words can say. Sammy may be slightly more obsessed than me. Each morning the second or third thing out of his mouth is "see Hannah Bana (he can't say banana well yet) today please" and we have been working on the fits he has begun throwing (oh joy) each afternoon when I turn into our neighborhood because he wants to "go diff way mommy please. turn round to go see Hannah Bana please" and then he cries. Yup safe to say she has stolen our hearts!

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So proud of my little! I love you Banana!

This was the best I got.. It was a failed attempt to get an awesome shot of them in the wagon posed in front of our beautiful trees at the park so I could send to Mom & Richard as a thank you for the wagon. Sammy wanted to pull the wagon at that point and Hannah was done with pics.. Oh well! Thanks again, we absolutely love it and have put several miles on it already I am sure!

Hannah's first pull up!! All by herself!!! GO BANANA!!!
and of course.. guess who also had to try?
and then there is Sam, who was bound and determined to do a pull up and push up WITH Hannah on his back b/c apparently I'm too heavy and Sammy is too light but Hannah is the perfect weight. She told him no literally 11 times before I finally had to step in and mediate, haha. I will say though, I gave in and let him do a push up with me on his back after this pic and he not only did one~but 4 and both kids giggled the whole time. We sure got some stares from other folks at the park! ha ha!
Go honey!!!
Sammy likes for "my Hannah push me" best. He says "no mommy, Hannah's turn. Share mommy" and I gladly agree to share. =) I know what you are thinking.. yes Sam IS to heavy to sit on that wagon, and yes it will break but he didn't believe me. Boys. that's all I can say.