Sunday, December 14, 2008

Catching up with my far away friends

Ok, well they aren't actually that far away, just up in Jax but it seems like they are in Egypt sometimes. I miss just being able to call them up and go out for coffee and hang out. Especially since Linda is preggers now.. that's right folks! My Winna Kaye is going to be a mommy! I'm soooo excited and just wish I was up there so we could go baby shopping together. Although Sam and I try to make it up to Jax every 6 weeks or so, it is really difficult to see my friends b/c we want Sammy to get plenty of time with our families and squeezing all that family time into one weekend is rough. So, when Sam and his dad went on their NY trip last weekend I decided it was the perfect time to head home and catch up with everyone. I had a BLAST! I was soo exhausted on Monday but it was well worth it..I blame Cody for that one- she kept me out until 1am on Sat! I felt so young! Sammy and I went and hung out with Linda on Friday and he just loved playing with her sweet dog Jack. Sammy was a big help in pointing out what things need to be baby proofed for her, lol. That night Linda & Patrick invited me to dinner with Tabitha & Rob and although it made me really miss Sam it was just so fun. Sammy stayed with Mom and I felt so free as I looked and saw babies in highchairs and parents trying to feed them. Thanks Mom!

I got to see my long lost Cody on Saturday and Sammy did come to dinner with us and I had to laugh at how times have changed. We still managed to have good conversation amist me picking up the toys from the floor and feeding him, etc. He really loved playing at her house! See, Cody is a big time swanky lawyer now with the cutest new place that has big open space for him to explore. Best of all, Amber was home and she let him play on the stairs and flew him around like an airplane! He was all giggles! Needless to say he was fast asleep before we pulled onto the main road.

Sunday was spent with Megan and belive it or not that was the first time in an entire YEAR that we had hung out with just the two of us! Wow. We had a couple hours together then picked up Marc for his 9th bday celebration! I miss him soo much, he has always been so special to me and I just refuse to believe little pooky is 9 years old!!! ??? Especially since I haven't aged a bit. Hmm.. Marc and I used to hang out ALL the time together, just the two of us. Even after we moved here he would come and spend the night with me and we build forts and go on our "adventure walks" and just have the best time. I turn into a giant kid again when I am with him. We had the sweetest moment when he got to Megan's car, we just hugged and said how much we missed and loved each other and then once he climbed in the backseat he leaned forward and hugged me more and said " I love you Teri, I just can't stop hugging you!!". Awww.. he still melts my heart! We squealed together all the way to the restaurant (see video.. he is so silly, I am his aunt he refers to). He had picked the Olive Garden for his fancy dinner and his Ama (Meg's mom) and his bf Hannah (diff Hannah) met up with us. He was just hillarious at dinner and I loved hearing the things he & Hannah talked about. Best part was when they sang to him, he was adorable. We went back to Megan's for him to blow out his candles and open presents and it was just a very sweet time. Happy birthday Marc! I love you more than you will ever know~ and I will always be your "princess" (cute story there, but for another time).

All in all it was a great weekend! So much fun and just made me realize all over again how truly thankful I am for each of these that God has not only placed but kept in my life. It is so great to know that no matter the distance or how busy our lives get we can pick right back up where we left off and each of them are only a phone call away when I need them. They have all supported me through every step of the way and I just love them dearly, can't wait until we are back up there for Christmas!