Friday, October 30, 2009

Summer fun

I am so enjoying these few days of "regular" work and a normal length to do list! I have really tried to take it easier than usual this week during my "break" from quals studying. Written exams were rough, extremely difficult and draining, but I think they went well and next week I begin reviewing my answers and studying for my oral exam on Thurs. It is 2 hours with my committee and they will drill me then I find out RIGHT after if I passed. If I pass I am in the clear and can officially get my PhD once I turn in my dissertation, whoop whoop!

Anyway, I was organizing pics and found the ones from our fun beach trip with Hannah Banana! Had to post them, it was such a fun day. My cousin Debbie & her husband and kids were at our old condo in St. Augustine for the week. It was so sureal to take Hannah & Sammy there and have them make the same kind of memories I made with my cousins and Leslie & Laurie. I got all teary eyed when they sat at MY old table and had spaghetti like we always did after long day on the beach. They even ate ice cream out of the cool fancy glasses like we used to. Sammy finished his before Debbie was done serving it and I put a pic of him in the slideshow of him looking up at her with big giant eyes saying "Mo peease" =)

Lastly, there are funny pics of the men folk. They did the dishes but didn't realize they put liquid dish soap in the dishwasher so.. yea. It was funny to say the least. Bubbles everywhere! We laughed so hard!

Such a fun day!!!!!!!! Thanks for the memories Debbie! Also thanks for watching Sammy so Hannah and I could play in the waves, that was one of my fav parts of all. I felt like a giant kid out there squealing and giggling with her and the two of us STILL talk about how much fun we had in the ocean pretending we were mermaids on an adventure together!

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