Thursday, May 28, 2009

Some silly sounds and GIRLY TIMES!!

Just quick post to put up a fun video of Sammy, it is in Spanish but basically Gloria asks him what the car, the airplanes, Sammy, Franklyn (our dog), Kobe (our cat), and Hannah say. Just thought it was cute.
        Also, a few pics from the girls' sleepover. Hannah got to pick one sibbling to spend the night a few weeks ago as a reward and she chose Samantha. We had a blast, they were so very giggly and my Sammy ate up all the fun and attention. Samantha was such a huge helper, she even made breakfast for all of us and cleaned up! WOW! can we get Hannah to follow her lead?

                             We ate supper out on the porch, Sammy sang for us =)
Samantha making our breakfast!

                                          All ready for church
     We made brownies after lunch was a very messy process, they had blast though