Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Gets him every time….

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Sammy has a cd of “toddler tunes” that we listen to in the car, song #5 “I’ve been working on the railroad” is his favorite and most requested. He likes it so much that Hannah can’t stand this song now so we have to rotate out hers and his so they get equal playing time. This particular song starts with the sound of a train horn and I am not kidding EVERY SINGLE TIME it starts, even after the boy has JUST requested we play the song (and he sees me select it on the player) we get the following reaction (see below video). His gets his signature “OH!” face instantly complete with eyebrows up as far as they can possibly go and he exclaims “twain comin mommy, it comin, I SEE it!” and every time I ask “do you really see it, where is it” to which he always replies “wight there mommy! (points out the window) you see it too?”

Oh my child, I do love you and your silly ways!

I finally remembered to catch him on video while we were bored waiting for Sam when he ran in the car. Check it out! I think I will actually cries when he stops having this reaction to the song.

I had to post up this picture of Sammy’s choice of clothing. I have been letting him choose his clothes some and as you can see he has a unique sense of style. He has recently become a big fan of hats and asks to wear a hat each time we leave the house.


This is what he chose to wear to family fun night at his school (just ignore the giant bite mark on his cheek..argh been dealing with a biter in his class). Yes siree.. my boy is STILL obsessed with pumpkins! We are still reading his pumpkin books each night and candy corns are his favorite treat. I secretly think it is b/c we called him our little pumpkin when I was preggers since his due date was Oct 28th although conceptually my theory makes no sense. 


Lastly, here is some progress we’ve made on counting.. still working on the teens but starting to get it!