Tuesday, August 24, 2010

First Day of School

Yesterday was the first day of school here and we had some very excited kiddos! Our little gang of kids is back from visiting their mom for the summer so the last week was spent going to orientation/open house with them at the “big” school as Sammy calls it and also at Sammy’s preschool. Mom and Richard came to Sammy’s orientation and got to see his new big boy class and meet his teachers and Sammy was very excited to show them his “gool” (school).

This transition to his new class was totally harder on me then him.There is no trace of baby left at all and that is so hard. They don’t use sippy cups, they use the potty, have the stop light with clothes pins that move up from green to yellow then red if poor choices are made during the day, and they have a job chart. He is so excited about being a “helper” to his teachers and is hoping his little heart out to get to sweep and to push in chairs. He was also happy that his spot on the circle time rug is to sit on the red teddy bear, which he loved from the moment he spotted it. He will go to music class, library, gym, and chapel each week, which we love.

I had expected a little difficulty when I dropped him off, I doubted tears but expected at least a hesitant glance back in my direction but nope. Apparently he is all grown up and has no need for his momma anymore. Sigh. He walked right in and put his stuff in his cubby, washed his hands, then joined the class for circle time, never even looking back. I wanted to steal a hug & kiss but they had already started singing the new friend song and were on his name. As I left I heard little voices singing “Welcome to Sammy, Sammy, Sammy…..” while they clapped their hands and patted their legs to the rhythm. I took one last peek through the window in the door and saw him beaming. I walked away with tears in my throat feeling very silly. It is GOOD he adjusted so well and was so excited, drop off went better than expected so my reaction surprised me!

I am happy to report he had a great first day, they said he was kind and made good choices. He asked if he could “go ride a big cow” as his reward. Silly boy! Although cow riding was not on the agenda we did pick up the Flores gang and headed off for our First Day of School Ice Cream celebration. This is something I started with Hannah when she started kindergarten and we have since incorporated Sammy and the whole crew into it. They look forward to it and I love hearing their stories from the first day. Krista and Samantha are both in eighth grade now and have one of my friends (Mrs. Hardy!) for a teacher. Mark and Hannah are both in third grade and their teachers seemed great as well. Mark’s teacher was pretty young and I pray that Mark doesn’t walk all over her. We suggested he sit in the front row so hopefully she will move him quickly as his seat is in the rear right now. Yikes. They all had good days and funny stories to tell and we had a fun time hanging out. Please keep them in prayer as they adjust to being home again.

DSC01455 DSC01456

My big two year old heading to his first day in the big boy class

DSC01457 DSC01458

Aww, he got a little scared walking in the door but the big gator welcoming him made it all better instantly.


Go Gators!!!


Some of his buddies in the class


Here he said “take picture show Gwammy my cubby”, so this one is for you Grammy!


In true Sammy fashion he asked for a picture with the blue police truck he has become so fond of


He found his friend Holly’s name on the door


Ice Cream Celebration!! Everyone had a great first day of school!!! This is our kick off to a GOOD school year!!!

DSC01473 DSC01474 DSC01477 DSC01478 DSC01481 DSC01482