Monday, June 1, 2009


  So, must warn, these pics are x rated and viewer discression is advised, lol. Had to post these up, I just LOVE the ones with the 4 older boys. We had fun playdate on Friday, it was all boys with the exception of adorable little Gina who tolerated all the testosterone very well (ahem.. Suzzane & Deborah, we missed your girls. We'll re do on a weekend). Thank you to Katie for allowing us to take over her home. Sammy had soo much fun playing in the baby pools and sprinkler! He did super great for the first half. I was a little worried b/c given his new poor sleeping habits he had only 5 hours (as apposed to his typical 10) of sleep the night before. I remember thinking as we packed up, well this could either go really well or really poorly but I really wanted & needed to have some fun mommy time with friends so off we went and I am so glad we did. He had soo much fun and did great sharing and well, he was just wonderful- that is until the hunger and sleepies set in and woa have mercy! Talk about a handful. I went inside to get lunch for him and returned to find that he had pulled hair. Then, sadly... dum dum dum.... HE BIT !!!!! I thought we were totally over biting but nope, Daniel had his truck and Sammy wanted it back so he thought he would just bite him, um no sir (sorry sweet Daniel, we'll play better next time). So, needless to say he was disciplined and we packed up and went home. Thank you again to Heather Griest for the suggestion of "Mr. DoBetter", it has revoluntionized our discipline and we never leave home without him. All in all it was a fun time but I was a teensy bit sad that the biting is I guess not totally a distant memory. 
   Hope you enjoy the pics, especially this first one!!!! 

Can YOU tell which one is Sammy? Think BIG, DIMPLY, and WHITE, lol , I love mi gordito!

Were You Correct.....???

                                   Nicolae with a mouthful, too cute!
            Abby and Baby Josiah, the newest addition to the group
            Josiah is just too cute, I had to go in for a close up. Isn't he just the sweetest thing??
                    The ball was almost bigger than Gina!

                    David was hillarious, he would run and do belly flop into the pool!

             Luke was all smiles, even with his house being overtaken!

Looks like Daniel meant buisness with that tuck! He was also so funny running and jumping in pool, splashing everywhere