Saturday, November 21, 2009

Making Memories at Keaton Beach!

Mom and Richard invited us to Keaton Beach where for a fun day trip. It is a sleepy little beach town where they were staying in their camper and we loved it! It was just truly a perfect day and only wish it could have lasted longer. The ride there will be forever etched in my memory b/c this was when Sammy's new imaginary turtle came to join our family. Sammy & I had just recovered from getting seriously lost and me having a minor freak out (not one of my finer moments). If you have ever wondered where "ten buck two" really is... well Sammy and I found it. We were stuck behind this giant truck pulling a giant boat so I couldn't see around it. I was frustrated beyond belief b/c I knew we were lost and there were no street signs and I couldn't get cell service. As soon as the slowest driver in Florida turned left and was out of my way I sped up (you know b/c that always helps things?) only to quickly realize had we gone a few feet further we would have literally ended up in a river!! No wonder they were going so slow, the road literally ended with no warning and bam... River front right there!! I have to laugh a God's sense of humor. I actually laughed out loud as I could almost hear him chuckling telling me not to get so bent out of shape over nothing. I am sure all those old fishermen were talking about that crazy mom in the too little car who was in too big of a hurry to get nowhere. Oh well. Live and learn, right?

We had just got back on track and my sweet child, probably in some attempt to self soothe from the aforementioned incident exclaimed with a shreik... "MOMMY!!!!!! TUW-TA!!!" I had no clue so I looked in the rear view to see his eyebrows raised as high as his little forehead would allow and a big "o" shaped mouth as he held out his open cupped hands up to me as if he was presenting me a piece of gold. I was so confused!!! I asked him what he was talking about and he repeated "Tuw-ta (turtle)Mammy's (Sammy's) manos (hands in spanish)!!" I seriously will not forget that moment for it was too cute. Priceless. He had a pretend / imaginary turtle sitting right there in his hands and he was a shocked as I was. I asked him what color the turtle was and he said "puw-pul (purple) and geen" and he said it was tickling his hands as he laughed and giggled saying with his turtle. I was amazed, it really seemed as if he was being tickled! He then hugged it and kissed it and he fed it some cheesy ducky crackers and they had a grand time together in the back seat. I thought this was a one time thing but after a solid two weeks it seems the turtle is here to stay! I think we should name the turtle Keaton, after our day trip at the beach, but seems the name turtle is sticking just fine for the moment.

Our time at the beach was so relaxing. Their camper was just perfect and Sammy loved to play inside of it. He even sat and watched a dvd while I gave him his breathing treatment!! I was impressed! Their lot was right at the seashore and the water was just the prettiest blue, so serene and gorgeous. Sammy enjoyed playing with the rocks and he really liked "helping" his grandaddy fish. He kept his little tongue out to the side of his mouth and worked so hard to hold the big pole and then the big net, not such an easy task with a little car in your hand that you just can't fathom letting go of. We took a little walk down to the park and he had a blast playing and sliding with my mom. We had a funny moment when a yellow race car came driving down the road, there were NO cars on the road so I loved that of all the cars possible this guy came by us as Sammy was driving in his own little yellow car (had to get a pic of that!). He LOVED playing in the sand with his shovel and he really loved seeing Grandaddy's big ol' flounder he caught. Sammy touched it (ewww gross... I did a good job of inhibiting my gross repsonse while my little one touched its teeth and it's... eye, ok just gagged a little typing that). My mom treated him to a creamcicle ice pop and he even tried to share it with the fake pelicans at the ice cream shop. He became a big fan of pelicans b/c of this trip as at one point there were I think 11 floating right in front of the camper. It's funny b/c when I ask him about what new kind of bird he saw in the ocean he always says they were peacocks! When we asked him what his favorite part of the day was I could not believe his answer. "AddyAddy's (what he calls Richard, we don't know why) Pickup truck fun!" So yep! He liked riding with the windows down in Richard's truck the best, something we could do anytime we visit them in Orange Park!! Ha!

Check out our pics from the day~ Thanks for having us Mom & Richard,
we love you!!
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