Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Only one week left…..

until sweet little Isaac’s surgery. I wanted to share a post that Andrea did on her blog to again give you details on how you can pray and then the schedule of exactly what will occur at what time next Wednesday so we can all continue to pray them through this. Click HERE for the Shirey fam’s specific prayer requests and HERE for details and schedule of what the doctors will do during surgery next Wed. I can’t thank you all enough for praying for my friends. They mean the world to us and I feel so helpless as they go through this journey but I know the most important and helpful thing I can do honestly is to urge many many people to pray.


I also wanted to share some pics of Isaac’s adorable little self that I took during …..Isaac & Teri’s Day of Fun!

DSC01334 DSC01345  DSC01368 DSC01375 DSC01380

That’s right! We got to spend a whole day together several weeks ago and it was just bliss! I knew he was a good baby but honestly the word “good” doesn’t do him justice. The boy is just the happiest little thing, he never cried once and grinned and smiled almost the entire day. His cheeks have to hurt each night from all of his smiling. Andrea had warned me that as his feeding time approached he may get a little “fussy” so I was prepared for Sammy’s type of “fussy” from our old nursing schedule but I actually laughed out loud when I heard Isaac’s attempt at fussing. He went from cooing and happily playing with me to scrunching up his face and making the slightest little “uuhhh” sound and then puckered his cute little bottom lip into a pout. That was it folks!

I was just so impressed with him all day. We had a blast together. We sang songs, danced, played with a lot of toys, and read even more books. That baby sure does love to read, wow! He is already a little bookworm and I love it. He also is very sneaky as he somehow tricked me into falling asleep while I put him down for his first nap. It was such a fun day and I enjoyed watching Sammy with him. Sammy shared all of his toys with him to the point that Isaac literally had a mound of books, cars, and animals around him at all times. Sammy also read him several stories and then got so tickled when Isaac would make a noise while Sammy read to him. He would say “oh you like that part baby Isaac? I like it to, I’ll read it again for you, don’t worry”. It melted my heart! We are happy to report that Sammy now calls him Isaac, for the first few months of Isaac’s life Sammy called him “ice pack” and have finally got him to pronounce his name correctly.

He truly is the sweetest most precious little guy around, I only wish we lived closer to the Shirey fam so we could get our little families together more. Thank you again for praying for Isaac’s surgery & healing, pain management, side effects, and all other factors and for the doctors & nurses and of course for Scott, Andrea, and Connor. I will post updates as soon as I get them and will hopefully be going down that Friday to be with Andrea. Thank you bloggy friends for all of your prayers!