Monday, May 11, 2009

Happy Easter!! ???

Ha ha, a little late but wanted to get our Easter pictures up so a certain someone will stop nagging me about it. =) In all honesty I am just glad someone cares to see what our little family was up to on Easter so thanks for the nudging.  We had a great time with family, we were up in Orange Park at mom's house. Sammy awoke to his Easter basket set up just like I had when I was little and it was truly love at first sight between his Elmo or "Mo Mo" as he calls him and his ducky poop bag thing (that one was just thrown in at last min and was more for me than him but he was equally as excited about it, strange?yes in deed!). We had an amazing morning of worship at our old church and David's message was just so amazing, he is such a great pastor. I really miss everyone there, it is really like seeing old family when we visit there. All the fam came over for an excellent home cooked lunch and then the Easter Egg hunt was on! It was so much more fun this year. Last year Sammy had just learned to sit up but this year he was hunting for his eggs and did his best to keep up with his big cousins. He was too cute toting his giant basket around and pointing while exclaiming "that.. ggg!" which we think was his version of egg. He of course had to dump the entire contents of his basket out after each new egg was added and then sit to put them all back in each and every time.  His cousins were great helpers and were just too cute showing him the ropes. The funniest of all was when we handed him the chocolate bunny totally not expecting him to realize it was actually food.. but he proved yet again he is my son and bit the head off and almost ate half of it before we could get it away from him. So much for no sugar, huh? 
   This was of again one of those times where I coudln't help thinking how great it would be if our whole fam could be together to celebrate such a special day.  Seriously, so many of our loved ones are so far away now. You know, back in the settler days and in many other countries families still live very close to each other and spend most of their days together. I would personally love that but it is next to impossible in this day and age with everyone's busy lives. Guess that is one more thing about Heaven we have to look forward to, right?
  Quick update on Sam's job situation.. he has MANY applications out there right now so keep praying that doors will open and something will come through! 
Loved his chocolate bunny... this is totally Mom's fault all the way, her  and her "oh but everyone needs a chocolate bunny on Easter" love ya Mom, you're the best! 
With Katie, so sweet!
Making his now famous hugging move.. no worries she is friend of fam and NOT a cousin =)
Sammy just simply adores Julie & Brian
Brian found the golden egg!
And he's off!! 
Found another one Daddy!
So handsome! Thank you to Connor Shirey for Sammy's cutie hand me down Easter outfit! It was just perfect!
We love you Mom!
My silly Sams are too much!
Ok, so I totally bribed him for this pic and gave him an M&M, another first for him and from this expression I think he liked it!
Playing with his MoMo, duckie bag holder, and eating an M&M.. can life get any better than this?
He FINALLY put Elmo down after literally 9 hugs but still couldn't help from rubbing his face, guess he has a new bff!