Thursday, June 10, 2010

Hannah Banana goes to the Farm!



Just a few pics from the day before mothers day when we visited Sam’s family. Sammy always loves playing around the farm and talks about “his” monkey, Rocky all the time. He really thinks in his little head that Rocky is his own personal monkey. Hannah has begged for the longest time to go to the farm and she finally got her wish. She loved all the animals, especially Rocky and she even helped to feed Rocky a cookie with “pwinkles, his favwit wike me” as Sammy said. Grammy always lets Sammy “sneak” a cookie with sprinkles in to Rocky, it has become a tradition. Although Sammy usually eats about half the sprinkles off before Rocky can even get the fist bite.

Hannah even got to go in the petting zoo area and help to feed the alpaca and others. She did a great job! I was so happy that she got to be there the day the Wallabies (little kangagroos) were delivered. The boy was named Peter Pan and the girl was Tinkerbell, and Hannah just ate that up!She has always loved animals and ever since this trip she has declared she wants to be a veterinarian. I know she will make a great one some day. She is so caring and attentive and very compassionate with all animals she meets. She seems to understand them in her own special way, she reminds me of Sam’s mom in that way. It is really sweet.

Hannah’s most favorite thing about the farm, however, was the itty bitty baby kitty. There was a new litter of kitties born and she was just beside herself. She picked out the one she wanted and loved loved loved on that little thing. She is STILL asking for it and this was over a month ago! She even prays for that little kitty to be healthy and strong and for its mommy to never leave it. They told her she could name it and her response was “Sarah if it is a girl and Brennan if it is a boy”, after Sam’s sister and her hubby, of course ha ha. She loves you so much Sar!


Hannah with Sarah or Brennan (We couldn’t tell if it was a boy or girl)


Playing with Rocky


Rocky and his cookie


She was so gentle with the baby goat, it was so sweet


Feeding the animals!



Hannah was convinced this was a Lemur from the Madagascar movie, ha ha


My man being silly with my sunglasses


Sam and Cody


Hannah and her Bff Sarah


Super Aunt to the rescue!


Check out who is driving Sammy’s limo, its Hannah Banana at your service!


She was hanging in the limo with Brennan talking about how she will ride in it when she is all fancy one day


Sam’s mom was doing her thing, helping the new wallaby get adjusted to the new place, so sweet!


I love this picture, I think this one’s name is Eyore but he looks like he is smiling at me


Aunt Sarah helped protect the kitty from Sammy


Sammy loves feeding the animals and they always come running. He fed peanuts to all of them except the turtle who got lots of lettuce


I was a tad nervous about Eyore’s big chompers so had to step in and help, if there was audio you would here “no MY do it mommy! My do it my self”

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