Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Easter Pictures!

Sammy really enjoyed his Easter Egg hunt, only it wasn’t much of a hunt as they were just scattered on the ground which he loved. He opened each egg to double check that it had candy before he put it in his basket. He also loved hugging and tickling the Easter bunny!


DSC04000 DSC04008

Here he is sharing candy with Minima…

we found this huge digger on our way out!


Later that afternoon he colored his first ever Easter eggs! I had big plans of trying to come up with creative natural foods to use as dyes but that never came to fruition and thankfully Mom had bought an Elmo egg coloring kit, the old fashion kind like I used when I was little. Even had the little wire egg dipper thing. He did such a great job and the two of them had a blast together!

DSC04019 DSC04025 DSC04031

Those silly eggs would occasionally drop on the floor so.. what happened to the 3 broken eggs? They ended up in Sammy’s belly!


This is Easter morning, he found a snake in his Easter basket from Minima!


We let him go ahead and eat the ears off his little chocolate bunny……


didn’t take long for the sugar rush to set in!

 DSC04078 DSC04087 DSC04088

Look who we found at Mom’s church… little Miss Caitlyn all dolled up. She was just precious!!!


I had to take a sentimental pic of him on this bench, I remember “painting” it when I was a little girl in VBS one year. I can still hear Mr. Rick saying, “Good job Sunshine! Now here is spot right over here you missed, … atta girl!”. It is so cool to walk around the church grounds and see my own son in those same places. Very surreal!

DSC04105 DSC04107

Look at our handsome boy… all grown up!

DSC04109 DSC04111

He was so very sweet while we were taking these pictures!


I leaned in and kissed him….


Then he had to kiss me right back!


No words to describe how much I love this boy!


Sammy and my Mom….


She got some extra lovin’ too, awww


We found Grandaddy on our way back inside!

DSC04136 DSC04137

We had a very different egg hunt at mom’s house after church this year…. there were NO other kids! This is our first Easter with everyone being gone (if you remember Sherry convinced everyone to move up to TN and then Paul & Kristen moved to GA… I’m not bitter in the least about this). Poor Sammy had nobody to hunt eggs with except for Aunt Sandra well… and the creepy snake that ran by his feet… eeeks!


He shook every egg to see if there was candy and once he realized mom FORGOT to put candy in them he tossed them back… whoops!


Here he is racing Aunt Sandra for an egg!


overjoyed that he found ONE piece of candy in an egg! ha ha!


Silly silly boy!

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Sammy sure loves his uncle Tom!


I had to include these at the end.. this is how he spent most of the weekend, pulling his little wooden truck behind him, even all through Walmart!