Monday, May 18, 2009


 So two of our biggest prayer requests have been answered!!! I am just so excstatic I can't even begin to describe how happy I am and how much sheer joy it brings me to write this.... 
 1. Kylie America is comming home!!! Dave & Andrea got word that they are out of PGN which means she is now legally theirs and is now within maybe a month or two of coming home to states!! See below for more info and pics...
2. Sam has a job!!!!! Sam just accepted a position with Mercedes Benz where he will be the service writer. It is will be long hours and working weekends but IT'S A JOB so we are more than happy with this excellent news. He will be going today to fill out paper work and then will start in next few days!! WOOHOOO!!!!!  We can't say thank you enough for all of the prayers, support, and ecnouragement we have had throughout all of this. It has been such a demonstration of love, we are just so amazed at how blessed we have been by all of our friends and family. Thank you from bottom of our hearts.

Little Miss Kylie America Anderson

Most of you know how LONG we have prayed with and followed Dave & Andrea' journey through this adoption process. I met Andrea when we were both on short term mission trips at Casa, the first year Sam and I went to Guatemala.  The two of us had an instant connection and really bonded that week, it was like we had been friends forever! We talked a lot about how we both wanted to adopt children, we each fell in love with babies in the baby dorm, my little Estuardo nicknamed Blanco and her little Neimiah who God used as a stepping stone to Marlia Grace who was then used for Kylie. I can still remember one of those nights in our dorm when we were talking about our day and all we had done with the kids and Andrea was talking about little America (Kylie's given name is America Alejandra but now thanks to Dave & Andrea she is Kylie America, which is just adorable). Kylie was still in the baby dorm at the time and Andrea kept saying how cute she was and she went on and on. How fun to look back at that conversation now, if Andrea only knew then all God had in store for her and that cute little girl she was talking about!!! Kylie's adoption has been a very long journey that was unfortunately full of pain and dissapointments as it has taken 2 and half years to get to get out of PGN, but also filled with bittersweet moments during the many visits and fun times they spent with Klyie along the way. Andrea kept a babysite to document this journey to keep us all updated and God has used their trials and struggles as an example of faith and waiting on our God for His timing which has ministred to many who have yet to accept Jesus as their Lord & Savior. Dave, Andrea, and Kylie have all been so strong throughout this process and have allowed God to use them and their story to reach others. It was hard for me to spend so much time with and love on Kylie each time we have been in Guatemala and then leave her there knowing how many were praying for her to return. I mean really really hard and she is not even mine, so I can't begin to comprehend how difficult it has been for them. 

    Andrea and I have talked a lot about the day when our two  babies can play together and be friends so I can't wait for Kylie to meet Sammy. I always try to love on her and spend as much time with her as possible when I am there so it was really sweet when I was preggers and explained to Kylie that I had a baby in my tummy. She kept her hand on my tummy for so long and kept saying "tu bebe" and then would kiss my tummy. I even have a pic of her with her hand on my belly right when Sammy kicked her, which sent her into giggles. Last year I brought a photo albulm for her with pics of Dave & Andrea  and pics of Sammy and she was just amazed. She kept saying, "me see my Samuelito" and kissed his pic, it was just so sweet. She carried it around and showed all her friends she was so proud of him!

  I know many of you have prayed and are still praying for this sweet family but please continue to pray that the last few steps (pink slip, birth certificate, visa/passport, and plane tickets) goes smoothly and quickly so we can get this little girl home where she belongs!!! 
Andrea & Kylie
Dave and Kylie in Antigua -  Kylie was on phone with her grandma

Of course,  I had to put one of my sweet Cristina with Kylie, Cristina absolutely ADORES Andrea and so she does a great job of loving on Kylie and gave several of her teddy bears to Kylie, just so sweet. She writes in her letters sometimes that she is praying for "America to be home with her mami"  .. that's my girl!!!