Thursday, May 6, 2010

Catching up with the Ashburns


Let me first say it is so nice to blog again! I am happy to report my horrible semester is over and I made it through. I even took a few days to just relax and hang out with my Sams and it has been fabulous. We kept Sammy home from school and I didn’t even glance at the computer and it was just fabulous! We had a blast! I have really missed having time to blog. I would think of things I wanted to blog about almost each day but never had the time to get my thoughts down and now I can’t even remember what they are. Sigh.

I wanted to share some pics from our time with the Ashburn family! They were down from TN on a Florida vacation and Sammy and I headed over to spend the day with them. Laurie is Leslie’s younger sister and I hadn’t seen her in YEARS and had never met her kids, so this reunion of sorts was great. Lexi was a such a sweetheart and so mature for her age! I was so impressed with this girl and Sammy adored her. Sammy & Zander were instant buds and played so well together. Sammy wanted to do everything that Zander did and was sure to remind me throughout the day that Zander “is big kid”. It was so surreal to back on the beach with Laurie since we spent all of our childhood vacations together on that same beach and this time we were with our own children.

One quick note.. Sammy LOVED the beach this time! For those who don’t know, Sam and I used to live on the beach so we were devastated when our little one showed us on many occasions just how displeased he was to be at the beach. He has a real sensitivity to things being on his feet so all the sand at the beach was a big turn off for him. We worked to prepare him for this trip, talking a lot about sand and what it would be like and thankfully when he saw Zander run onto the beach laughing and having the time of his life viola…. Sammy decided to give it a go and he loved it!

Check it out… they had a jellyfish they caught and were taking it back to TN with them, ewwwwww….


Zander taught Sammy how to make silly faces, yay.

DSC04191 DSC04194


I was so happy to see him take these first few hesitant steps out on the sand!!! The whole time he kept repeating..”mira mommy. I in sand! I wike it! You see me?”


He even got it on his hands and just wiped it right off, we are FINALLLY there, yay!

DSC04202 DSC04210 DSC04216

Above he is digging in the sand and ENJOYING it and below running free on the beach squealing and chasing birds, it made my heart happy to see him that happy on the beach


The best I could get of all three of them =)


This was going to be a super cute pic,I asked them both to put their hands up, Zander did great but we lost Sammy with the wrist band


His new cheese face, I’m hoping this isn’t here to stay




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