Monday, February 1, 2010

Why do I even try???

I had to blog about my exasperation with germs and my crazy boy! I pride myself on not being too germ obsessed. The dirt and nature kind of germs don't bother me a bit but it is the animal and people germs that do. However, I remember hearing a lot about petting zoo germ drama so when Sammy is petting zoo-ish type animals I try to wash his hands or do antibacterial gel if soap not accessible before his hands find their way into his mouth. He loves Rocky, the monkey at Papi's zoo and actually tries to kiss Rocky's hands & feet and I try not to think about the feces Rocky has most likely recently groomed from himself. All in all, I think I do pretty well and keep my germ freak outs to a minimum. Yesterday, we were at a friend in Alachua's house and there were 3 funny goats that we decided to feed and let Sammy pet. I again, let him have his fun but then washed his hands. In fact, b/c of the animals I washed his hands quite a bit yesterday.

**This post is about to get really nasty, just to warn you. Those with weak stomachs should stop reading now.***

SO why am I exasperated you ask?? Oh that would be my son ate his own poop last night. Yes you did read that correctly. I spent my day keeping him safe from germs, even gave him his organic milk with lunch to keep his little body free from chemicals and then he ate poop. He had asked to go pee pee on the potty and since he always goes #2 in the am I never thought there would be a little present in his when he pulled down his underoos. It of course fell to the floor and I told him to hold still while I ran to the next room to get his wipes. I come back just to see him pull his little pointer finger out of his mouth and start to gag. He kept shuddering saying "yucky ca-ca (poop in spanish) mommy" then he gagged about 3 more times. I quickly joined him in his gagging once I realized what had happened. SO GROSS. I of course instantly googled "toddlers eating poop" and thankfully many hits came up an from my readings it seems he will live. I also took him straight to Gloria's who seems to have a home remedy for everything. I assumed she would whip up a batch of her baking soda and tonic she does for his tummy aches but all she could do was laugh and tell me to brush his teeth well. Needless to say we used Hannah's toothpaste rather than his toddler tube. I tried to get him to use Listerine but he just cried.

This is by far one of my LEAST favorite mommy moments and I am hoping in the future I can look back on it and laugh but I am not there yet. That was just gross! I also think a girl would not have done that. Call me sexist but I just don't think so. Boys are surely a learning experience for me. What went through his head? I really think he just thought "hmm.. I wonder what poop tastes like, let's see!" UGH! I never would have thought I would have spent my evening on a site called "The Scoop on Poop" all thanks to my curious little fellow.

I will end with one question...and a video~ any of my play date mommy friends want to get together soon. I clearly could use some mommy time! =)

The video is one I never intended to post b/c it is related to poo. However, given my post was about poo it now seems fitting. It is Sammy eating is ice cream he got one morning before school. No I dont' usually give him ice cream then send him off to school but #2 in the potty has been tough for him and so we had promised him ice cream if he ever did. He was one happy little guy!