Saturday, June 26, 2010

Fun day in Lakeland!


My friend Julie and I decided to take a day trip down to Lakeland and visit Andrea and her sweet boys for the day. This was no small feat! We packed all of our boys into Julie’s minivan and were on our way. The boys were pretty wound up so Julie suggested she put a movie on for them, I doubt she remembers this moment as fondly as I do but I thought it was hilarious. She got the dvd started and her boys settled down but mine was shouting and laughing and squealing with glee! His words were “A T.B. (TV) Just dropped down mommy! Wook(look!)”, he was in disbelief that there was a TV in her VAN and his excitement was contagious, he even got the others all wound up again. Oopsy!

We had such a fun time with Andrea, we spent the entire time in her pool. We had 6 boys total and they really enjoyed each other and played together so well. It was so great to see them all together again. I of course was beyond ecstatic to see my sweet little baby Isaac. He was just as precious as could be. He slept most of the time sleeping but I got to have a short little conversation with him before we left. I just love her boys to pieces. Connor had grown so much and was so mature. Sammy followed him around like a puppy and tried to do everything like Connor.

It was such a fun day. We had many laughs (for example, Daniel came very close to peeing on my head) and shared mommy stories, advice, and encouraged each other.


all 4 boys all loaded and ready to go….


Here he is! I didn’t get near enough pictures of Isaac but check out how much he has grown already!!! Couldn’t wait to give him kisses!


The big boys loved playing on Connor’s top bunk bed and after swimming they were all up there in just their little underoos, it was too cute!


Julie and 2 of her 3 cutie pies!


I had so much fun playing with Connor in the pool~


Love this pic of Julie and Reagan, such a sweet moment


and here begins our attempts at a pic of the 4 big boys together in one shot…..


Poor Andrea tried so hard. As soon as she would get them all ready one would jump in, it was quite comical


getting closer…


almost had it but Daniel was covered..


here’s the winner…. the secret was to bribe them with a fruit strip


we instantly lost David the moment I snapped it!


Connor and his little shaddow.. I mean Sammy


I love this pic of Daniel!


Sammy sure loves him some baby Reagan, he just can’t get enough of him every time we see the Borges. He always asks if Regan can just be his brudder too.


Best attempt of a picture of Connor and Sammy!

Thanks for a great day ladies, I love you both so very much!