Thursday, August 20, 2009

3 Big Changes for the DeLucca Fam!

It's been busy around here that is for sure. We have several big changes to announce, two good and one sad one.

1. Sammy is starting preschool! He will begin his first day at Sonshine Day this coming Monday and we are just as tickled as can be. It has taken a little while to get to the happy part, I was at first upset, then aprehensive but prayer works and now I am totally excited. The change occured b/c our dear sweet wondeful heaven-sent Gloria hurt her knee playing with Sammy last week. Not just regular kind of hurt I mean tore her miniscus and several other things. Ouch and did I feel guilty, uh yes I sure did! My giant boy took another one down. We waited on pins and needles for her MRI report to come back and then we got the news, at least 2 months before she can watch the kids again. OH NO. Thankfully God is so good and we got the call that very same day that Sonshine Day had a spot for him. It was such a God thing. We had put him on the waiting list a few months ago just in case something came up & what do you know. Wow is all I have to say. We met his teacher and saw his classroom and we go for orientatin on Sat morning. Sammy will get to have a couple of hours in the room with his new buddies while we are in the orientation so that will be good warm up for Monday.

2. Sam was sworn in today and is now officially "Reserve officer Samuel DeLucca" with the University of Florida Police Dept. This will be a part time position but will sure help us out until something full time comes through. I included a few pics and video from when he was sworn in. As much as he hated GPD and was glad to leave he said it sure feels good to have a badge and gun again and I must say, mamma aint hating looking at him in his uniform again! GRRRR!

Please pray with us over his most recent application (we've lost count at this point. We think this is his one trillion and thirty second application) just kidding, but Sam has applied for an amazing job with the Eigth Judicial Court and it is just perfect for him. He would be a juvinile justice coordinator and it would be just so wonderful. He has the application submitted and we are now just waiting on a call back hopefully for him to come in for an interview. Please pray hard! We need this so badly!

3. Our sad news is that we have to say good bye to our sweet dog Franklyn. We just love Franklyn and he is seriously the perfect dog. He is so smart, such an intelligent dog and is simply the best we could ever ask for. He is my little shaddow and I don't know what I will do without him. We decided it is better to give him to a home where he can live and be happy than to keep him here with us and be selfish. Franklyn has just grown in fear as Sammy has aged and now sadly he spends most of his days shaking and trembling and hiding under the tables. He is just so scared of Sammy and he growls when Sammy even comes near. Just yesterday Sammy tried to hug him and give him a kiss and he snapped at Sammy's face. It is not Franklyn's fault, I am actually glad he snaps b/c I am sure that has saved his life by keeping him alive up until this point. Sammy was so rough with him at first as he began to be mobile. We have done our best to teach him to love and be sweet with Franklyn and he is for the most part but even when he hugs him it it too tight. Our little Tank is only 6 lbs so a car smacking into his head is a big deal for him. I hate seeing the Tank like this. He is a different dog. So sad. Plus we had to go down to the cheap food for him and we can't buy the treats and he is now overdue with the vet upkepp b/c we can't afford vet bills so, overall we just feel like we have to do what is best for him rather than keep him just b/c it makes us feel better since we'd miss him. Ok better stop typing about it or I will break down and cry. =( I'll keep you posted on him and his new family.