Tuesday, August 31, 2010

We are local celebrities!

BBBS Newsletter

That’s right my friends, Hannah and I were front page on in the Big Brothers Big Sisters newsletter and that is a BIG DEAL to one special little girl. We both signed a copy (you can see her signature at the top above the yellow part but mine was cut off when I scanned it in, couldn’t crack the code on that one, sorry) of the front page and have it in a frame in the room Hannah sleeps in at our house. She has told EVERYONE that we see. I’m talking the cashier at Publix, her new teacher, everyone. Its funny because she assumes they have all read it and recognize us and thankfully every single person has been such a great sport about it and make her feel even more special. Some have even asked her for her autograph on random pieces of paper.

Hannah and I also celebrated our anniversary a few months ago, right before she left for the summer. We made it extra special since we knew we would be apart for a while and drug the celebration out all weekend. The BBBS program encourages us to make a big deal of these and so we always have a cake with candles, something super fun to do, and try to make gifts for each other. My wonderfully talented and amazing friend Annie sewed us some gorgeous matching aprons and I honestly don’t think the hearing in my right ear has fully recovered still from the squeals that filled the house when Hannah opened the gift. She says that hers is the “little sister” one and mine is the “big sister” one and boy have we have put them to good use. She LOVES to bake, I mean LOVES LOVES LOVES to bake when she is here so I couldn’t think of a more appropriate gift. The aprons are so fancy that they are double sided, we can reverse them and decide which to wear so she loves making that big choice. She has also been known to declare it is time to switch them over, right in the middle of a massive cooking endeavor which is not always convenient but I am so glad the girl loves her apron.

Annie, we can’t tell you thank you enough! They are so perfect and made Hannah feel so special. This is the first thing she has ever had with her name embroidered and it totally makes her feel like a princess, which makes me oh so happy!

DSC01626 DSC01627