Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Lazy Days of Summer

We truly could not have asked for a better summer. It is so hard to let it go as we get into our routines again and schedules fill up with busy hectic deadlines. I remember back in the spring as summer was approaching I was so unsure of what it would hold. Would I land that perfect job and our summer would be spent packing, moving, and getting settled into the next chapter of our lives? As much as I wanted that to happen, there was a part of me that was just a little sad. Yes I am ready to be done with grad school but you see, grad school does have its advantages. I for the most part, make my own schedule and go at my own pace. This is great for unexpected play dates, vacations, and fun in the sun with my little man. Since this was very likely my last summer with such freedom I vowed to squeeze in as many fun summer memories with my Sams that I could. I did my best to pick Sammy up early from school each day and we sure did make some memories!

Our summer became so jam packed with fun adventures that we could barely keep up! We spent a lot of time in the water. Although it was sad to see Joe & Gloria move and I can’t tell you how hard it is not having them right next door, we now have easy access to a great pool. Sammy loves to go visit them and “nadar en la pacina de Gworia” which is how he says swim in Gloria’s pool in espanol. In addition to lots of water fun we spent a lot of time on the beach, made some great memories with friends doing all kinds of things, and were even able to see spend time with some of my family who visited from TN. I hope to to post up some pics from some of our fun summer memories so that we won’t forget they happened!

So, I will start with perhaps my favorite summer memory of all. Our trip to KEY WEST!!!! These are a few of my favorite pics and a slideshow. Sammy and I headed down with Kim when she visited her family. We stayed with her mom and step dad who live on Big Pine Key and I loved seeing how locals do life down there. Her brother and his wife and baby live on the next Key over so we got to see them a lot too. I really fit in great down there, by the way. Everything is so slow and laid back, easy going. Totally stress free and everyone is a beach person. If I could find a job down there we would move in a heart beat. The water was so beautiful and there were so many things for Sammy to do. I saw more deer on Big Pine then I think I have ever seen in my life! They have a deer prob and the deer aren’t even scared of cars. They just walk around the streets, Sammy loved them. Sometimes we had to stop in the middle of the road for a giant crab to make his way across. It was such an amazing trip and we are so thankful for the invitation to go! I spent most of the trip laughing until I cried, Kim and her family are hilarious and we just truly had the best time.

I hope you enjoy our pics! (click on the circle purple button on the smilebox that says play and it will open as full screen)

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