Thursday, July 9, 2009

Need a favor.. can anyone help a sista out??

Ok so I am hoping someone will have pitty on me. Sam and I have been going to church gym to work out. Music really helps the min fly by and I do much better, but I hadn't used my ipod since last time I worked out which was VERY long time ago. I plugged it in to charge it and then sync but somehow things got all messed up between mine and Sam's ipod libraries and practically my entire library is erased. It is older so doesn't have new versions it insited I needed and other issues. I still have the files though in my "my music" folder on old computer but don't know how to get them onto new computer and into the new ipod library I created b/c forgot old account info. I'm a mess I know. Any tips would be great and much appreciated!!!

Also, anyone know how long to grill beef steak for? We had some in our Angel food box and is our first time cooking beef steak... Mom doesn't have cell service yikes! I tried to google but so many different recipies, etc. They have been marinating overnight and today, should be yummy but if you see this and have tip and can reply within next 2 hours would be super helpful!
Muchos Gracias!

Missing Mom & Richard

Well my mom and Richard have been gone traveling the world for about 5 months now. Not really but it sure feels like it! They thankfully started their descent from up north and are now in VA staying in Shenadoah valley and will hopefully be home Monday-ish. Anyway, we are all missing them so last night when Sammy was asking where everyone whose name he knows is we pulled up some pics. He is so cute, he will sit and look at pictures for way longer than a tv show and just loves to watch the little movie clips I have of Hannah being silly. He laughs so hard at her over nothing. Anyway, I came across these from when Mom & Richard visited right before they headed off, too sweet. Had to post them! We love you both, be safe driving back and have fun! Oh, and Hannah has asked for 4 more postcards b/c she is apparently collecting them now... haha.

Grandaddy sure knows his tickle spots!
Spoiling him with chocolate cake, He signed more after every bite. We really don't let him eat like this unless with the grandparents, promise!
Hannah really wanted to take a picture of all of us, this is her handiwork. Not bad!
With the pic she drew for mom
Love it!
Awww, she asked if we could make a picture frame for this one. That is one of our rainy day activities so we have several pic frames now with all the rain we've had!