Monday, April 27, 2009

Lions and Tigers and Bears.. OH MY!

On the train with Debbie, Bryan, & Julz

A few weeks ago we took Sammy to the zoo for the first time!!! We were up in Jax staying with Mom and so my cousin Cindy invited us out. We had quite a crowd, Debbie, Bryan, and Julz along with Cindy and two of her friends and their kids, and of course Mom, Sammy, and me. It was a lot colder than we planned so in true grandmother fashion mom bought Sammy a little jacket at the gift shop and of course he needed a sunhat to keep the sun out of his eyes, ha ha. Thanks again Mom! I was really proud of Sammy, he did just great. He went strong all day with no nap and only really cried when he fell down and skinned his knee. He kept pointing to it and saying boo boo and then would lean down and kiss it himself, I tried to tell him that's my job but he didn't quite get it. He LOVED the choo choo train and I am not sure what aspect of it he enjoyed most, looking at all the animals we passed or looking back and entertaining his big cousins Bryan and Julie!

The Jacksonville zoo is so big that we only made it half way around and by 2 pm we were all beat and headed back to the car, Sammy passed out in Debbie's backseat of the van while we ate our picnic lunch, poor thing was worn out. We have decided we will have to go back soon so Sammy can see the bears and the monkey exhibit. He does a super great monkey impression, complete with scratching under his arms. I think his most favorite exhibits were the elephants and the girrafes. We didn't wait in the long line to feed the girrafes but they still came really close and Sammy was just totally facinated with them, it was adorable. He ran from place to place most of the time we were there and would peer between the rails and say "oohh!! This!!! That!!!" and point at the animals. Very fun times! Thanks for inviting us Cindy!!!! Here are several pics.. see Cindy, told you I would get them posted, just took a little time but worth the wait! lol!

I should add that while we were at the zoo Sam went flying with Caleb and his dad. He had a great time and PTL he made it back on the ground in one piece. Caleb's dad is a pilot and rebuilt this old plane, one like Steve Saint's dad flew and he put each bolt in himself, it really is beautiful. It took years to complete. I was a teensy bit nervous (ok, a lot nervous) for him to go up in it, I mean they have to crank the blade to start the plane-eeks!, but he assured me it was safe. Sam had cool stories and seemed to have a great time and landed just fine, thank you Jesus!

I love my family!

This was my favorite, I just watned to take her home, so beautiful!

This is Sammy making his move, he does this to all little girls funny. I caught him in the act. He is very gentle and just smiles then leans in and gives a big hug and says "mmuah" like he is giving a kiss, so cute!

It worked! They held hands for a few min, too cute!

Ok, I know enough of the two of them but they were so adorable together!!!

Sammy LOVES playing with Bryan, he was plugging his ears up and Bryan made silly noises really loud for Sammy to hear the sound distortion, so funny

I still can't belive how big Juile is now.. she is pratically a teenager! I am just as proud of her as I can be. I love you Julz!

Sammy loved this statue, he kissed it and rode on his back.I really don't think he realized it wasn't real?

Looking at the real kimono dragon with mom, it was so neat to see one up close!

Cindy spoiled him, they rode on the carosel and then he cried when it was over so she took him again!

Here is my little add for the Jax zoo! Loved his new gear!

About to climb out of Mom's arms when the choo choo came by!!

This is how he spent most of his day, he was just as happy as could be running everywhere to see all the animals, he was defintely in his element

Cindy and the boys