Tuesday, August 25, 2009

First Day of School

Here is Sammy right before we headed off to his first day of preschool! He was super excited as you can see! He was saying "teacher!" when I took the pic. =) Love it! Thanks Grammy for the new sneaks and Grandmother for his new lunchbox & napmat!!

Sammy had his first day of preschool on Monday and he could not have been more excited. We went to Sonshine Day's orientatin on Sat and he got to meet his teachers and see the classroom. We were very happy to see his seat was next to Kyra's (his buddy from Gloria's house, they are one month apart and extremely close) and the two of them played and showed each other around the room. Later he would tell us the he went to "cool" (school) that day and he met his "eecha" (teacher) and he always would end with "keeya" (Kyra) and Addy b/c he saw his buddy Addy at his school, he is just so fond of her.

We had to wake him up early on Monday for school and I assumed he would be grouchy but nope! He popped his eyes open and was so happy and bubbly. He ate a good breakfast then asked for his lunchbox and was ready to go. We were very proud of him. He did so great when we got to the classroom. He was a little shy in the hall but went right in to the classroom and said "cool!!!" "yay!!!" and played with the toys. I had a million things to go over with the teacher of course and I got a little teary eyed but Sammy did great didn't bat an eye when we left. As soon as Kyra arrived she shrieked "Samuelito!!!" and he yelled " hola Keeya!" they ran and hugged, I got a pic it was too cute. They held hands and as they walked over to the kitchen center and that is how I left him. It was MUCH harder on us than him, that is for sure.

Sadly we got a call in the afternoon that he was having a rough time. He had gone down for nap with everyone but woke up after an hour and was crying a lot and having tummy probs so we picked him up early. I was on my way to class when Heather called and I should have gone on to class given that it was the first day but every mommy bone in my body begged me to turn the car around and I sure did. I ended up being about 25 min late to my first day of class but my professor was very understanding thankfully and I was able to be there for my boy.
He did MUCH better today, no probs and so we are thanking God for a great day! We will keep on praying him through this transition.

Every first day of school Hannah and I go out for icecream to celebrate it and to welcome in a great new school year and talk about all that is in store. It is a super fun tradition and it was fun to add Sammy to it this year. Hannah's little bro Mark wanted to come along so we all went and had a super fun time talking about the exciting day they all had. Sammy was so cute sitting there with them saying "cool, cool" just thought he was one of the big kids sharing his school stories too. I can't believe my Banana, she is so much more mature. She is in second grade this year, yay! I was worried she may be in first grade forever so this is a huge accomplishment. She seemed to love her teacher and so I am excited to see how well she will do.

Here are some pics.! enjoy!

Hugging Kyra when she came in

Happy first day of school! With Niki, Kyra's mommy
Showing me the kitchen area
Their little seats.. it is strange but seeing this for first time is what made me teary at orientation. Just couldn't believe he has his own little seat at a school table. Babies don't have those. =(
First day of school celebration!!!!!!!
Icecream!! Well really frozen yogurt but they had no clue
Silly face time as sugar rushes set in
Mui Tonot Samuelito!
Mark had purple teeth!