Wednesday, June 10, 2009

the best 15 min of the day

Apparently I am posting some sort of series from our recent travels back and forth to Jax. These are a few pics from Mothers Day. My Sams suprised me in the morning with a little gift and the two of them were just so sweet. I sure am blessed. We had such a great day, we spent the day with my mom and had the most delicious brunch after church. Sammy ate so much food, it was really incredible. He had two plates then fnished with some desert. We won't mention how many plates I had, lol. My favorite part of the day was this particular 15 min that Mom, Sammy, and I shared. We had sat out in her backyard just enjoying the birds chirping and watching Sammy play in the baby pool while our dogs frolicked around. It was just so relaxing and so great to sit and chat for that long about nothing at all. I had actually just said how it felt so nice to relax and then, the most hillarious 15 min I have had with my mom in a long time occurred. I actually laugh everytime I think of it. Ready for this?? Ok here we go......Remember this sequence of events followed right on top of each other and obviously was way funnier in person but thought I would attempt a description so it is documented in history and thus will not be forgotten (we will be printing the blog each year). Anyway...

There we are totally relaxed in our lawn chairs when I notice mom's dog Pixie is chewing something red across the yard. Mom jumped up to go get at her and we realized it was the top to Sammy's cup. Just as soon as Mom sat back down in her lawnchair Sammy figured out how to spray the garden hose into the inside of Mom's porch onto her furniture. So, we got him corrected and resituated then sure enough Pixie had grabbed the top to Sammy's cup again, so I jumped up. Just as I went to Pixie Sammy somehow flipped himself over backwards out of the baby pool and into this giant puddle of mud that he had made with the hose, thankfully barely missing the concrete but he wasn't happy about being all muddy. We were laughing at him trying to get him all hosed off when mom thought best to just strip him and put him in the bathtub since we were about ready to head inside anyway. So, she goes inside to get the bath running and that is when I decided to sit down and relax for another min. BIG mistake! I was just sitting, I promise I did not even move, and BAM! My lawn chair broke and I was laying flat on my back with my legs sticking up in the air. Before I could even figure out what happen another BAM! The botoom of the chair finally gave out so my legs fell too and I was just literally flat on my back in the mud. Sammy was just shocked and then started crying and I was laughing so hard I couldn't even get up, which is how mom found us. She of course came to help just when Sammy (who was naked at that point) began to pee on her. I tell you, I seriously laughed so hard my sides ached. It was too funny. Especially given how relaxing our afternoon had been up until that point. Yes, church was wonderful and the brunch was absolutely splendid but those 15 min were my favorite mothers day memory by far. I am so thankful we were able to spend it up in OP and don't worry, the only thing that was hurt was my pride.

I love you Mom! Thank you for always being there no matter what and for all you continue to do for us each day. Thank you for your example of faith, your gentle guiding, and all the many life lessons you've taught me. Thank you for all of the sacrifices you've made over the years for me. You were such a great example of a strong women and always encouraged me to be confident in who I am and to find my own strength in Jesus. Thank you for teaching me how to truly be beautiful by defining beauty according to God and not the world. You taught me to dream big and set goals for myself and gave me "roots and wings" (still display the snow globe proudly). =) You have always been my biggest cheerleader and best friend, thank you for never giving up on me during the rough times. You taught me to put others first and nurtured a servants heart within me. I hope and pray every day that I am able to be as good a mom to Sammy as you are to me. I love you with all my heart and am so thankful for you and for our relationship!

He truly enjoyed his fancy pudding
My mom and Richard, thanks for the fancy-smancy brunch! Love you both so much!
My lilttle family eating out, yay! We sure miss restaurants, ha ha, it was delicious!

Sammy played in the pool all day after church, here he was laughing at the water rolling down his big belly

He loves water and loves to plunge his face into it, this is right before he did a summersault out of the pool for the second time. =)