Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Proud of my country!

Just had to note how proud I am to be an American given the heroic acts of US Airways Captain Cheslsey "Sully" Sullenberger and those on board his flight. I know you all have heard the story but what was most amazing to me is how those on the flight pushed the lady with her 9 month old to the front and how Captain Sullenberger was the last off of the plane, after walking the isle twice as the plane sunk to be sure everyone was off safely before he exited the plane. Wow. Truly a hero. That event followed by today, a day God had planned in history from the beginning of time, President Obama's inauguration, gives me a surge of patriotism. It makes no difference how anyone voted, he is our president and our leader and we need to be unified as we support and pray for him and our nation. Most importantly we need to pray that God will give him wisdom and that he will follow God's direction at all times, regardless of what his political advisers suggest he do. We need to pray for his family, for his marriage, for protection of his sweet girls, and for our new First Lady as she supports him and uses her new platform to effect our country for good.

I was so moved and touched by Dr. Joseph Lowery's benediction during the inauguration. I don't agree with all that Dr. Lowery supports politically but I am thankful for the large role he played in the civil rights movement. He started shortly after Rosa Park's arrest and led the bus boycott among many other noble acts. He actually founded the Southern Christian Leadership Conference with Martin Luther King, Jr. So to think of just how our country has changed, admittedly we have a LONG way to go, but how far we have come and how surreal it must have been to him standing up on the stage as President Obama was sworn in thinking back to how he once marched on capital hill fighting for equality. It just makes me proud of our country.

On a very different note, Sammy is still sick! We were back at pediatrician today and his ears are still pretty bad, we will most likely go back on Thursday for recheck. Keep him in your prayers and Sam and I as we try to somehow continue working without any sleep. It has been super cold here in sunny Florida and Sammy is just so funny when he is bundled in his jacket so had to post a few pics of him. When we are out he likes to wave to everyone he meets and it is so funny b/c all you see are his little fingers poking out and fluttering, can't even tell it is a wave with his ginormous coat. Stay warm in whatever part of our country you are in!

All bundled up and hating every min of it!