Monday, November 24, 2008

Leslie, Benji, & Jamin Came for a visit!!

"They finally came down from their mountain" as Hannah put it. We were so excited to have them come down for a visit. It sure was baby-tastic in our house! I hadn't seen 7 month old Jamin since he was 2 months old and Sam had never met him, so it was great to see our little guy and love on him as much as possible while we could actually hold him. He had grown so much and is just as cute as can be! He has these puckered out little lips like Zoolander and the most gorgeous giant blue eyes and he is so tiny! I just love how small he is, he is super early with crawling, walking, and just about everything so it was so shocking to see a tiny little thing like him pull himself up and start crusing! We had a great time.. our outings sure have changed now that we have babies in tow! Matt, Kendall, Jenn, and Kim came over for dinner one night, it was so fun to catch up with everyone. It had been just about a year since Leslie saw them and it was fun to have an almost reunion (missed you Andrea!) of our Guatemala team.
We had to spend some special time with Hannah, she has developed a relationship with them over the years and had so much fun when they took her out last year. So.. needless to say she was thrilled beyond belief to have them here and play with Jamin. She had been asking for about 6 months when they would ever come back to see us, so it was fun to surprise her. I posted some separate pics of her time with them too.
Sammy & Jamin got along really well together. Poor Jamin had to suffer through what was probably our worst time of Sammy's hair pulling and biting but thankfully he was a good sport and we are even more thankful that those days seem to be behind us for the most part... Just a side note, had no idea disciplining a 1 year old could be so challenging.. seriously dreading the two's. Leslie and I grew up living in different states but have remained super close throughout the years, seriously closer than sisters I would say, and so we are hoping that our little guys will also develop a strong friendship and will share a similar bond as they grow up together. We are so glad that they are really close in age. We had so much fun, so hard to say goodbye but I am already looking forward to my trip up to Nashville in the spring! Love you guys!
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