Thursday, June 25, 2009

Adios Na-net

Sadly we had to all say goodbye to Janet (or Na-net as Sammy calls her) as she left to start her new fancy shmancy life in Colorado. Janet is Gloria's daughter and we have just loved living next door to them, they are the best neighbors we could have ever hoped for. We call Joe and Gloria Sammy's "Gainesville Grandparents" as they have just been irreplacable over the last few years. Besides the fact that Gloria helps to raise Sammy since she keeps him each day, they have been so helpful when Sammy was sick, when things around the house needed repairing, when a certian little boy locked himself in our house and Joe thankfully resuced him (yea we'll save that story for another day, not one I want to relive), and are just great to talk and have fun with. Their family is one that lives out their faith in everything they do and I love the ways they teach Sammy how to love and appreciate all that Jesus has and will do for him.

Sammy simply adores Janet and Juan (who he calls Juancho) and lights up when they come in the room. He loves to play with them and will do just about anything to make them smile. Both of them are just so sweet and so great with him. Janet recently graduated from UF with degree in engineering and has accepted an amazing graduate position in Colorado so, although we are happy for her it was so sad to say goodbye and see her leave. She will also be getting married soon too, so lots of big changes for her! We couldn't be more happy for her. Thankfully with Joe & Gloria next door she will be back for visits. Sammy has become very attached to his Conchita, a little stuffed horse she brought back from Columbia for him. She has only been gone about a week and already Sammy has pointed to their house asking "nanet?" and then he waves to their steps and says "adios" and then "Dia" (his way of saying beun dia - have a good day) in the saddest whiniest little voice, it really is sad!

We love you and will miss you Janet! Thank you for all you have done for our Samuelito. He loves you more than you can know. We wish you all the bset and you better stay in touch!!!