Friday, June 26, 2009


Here are a couple of recent Sammy videos. Mom & Richard are on their big summer trip and have been gone about 3 weeks now, maybe 4?, feels like forever though! I thought I would post up some videos so they can see Sammy's recent accomplishments. The first is his new funny thing where he asks where several people are at random times throughout the day. The second is his new ability to walk backwards. He was VERY proud when he learned he could do this.
Quick funny story, we were walking outside the other day I told him to turn around b/c he had gone too far down the street. He looked at me kinda strange and then literally started spinning around in a circle, he made 3 giant full circles before he fell down and then looked at me and cried and said "No No mommy!". Poor thing, he did just what I said, he turned around and it made him dizzy and he fell over, now why would his crazy mommy tell him to do that??! It was too funny, I was just cracking up which did not make him happy at all. I tried to explain that I meant I wanted him to come back towards me, not literally turn aroudn but he didn't seem to care much. I just love watching him learn how things go, it really is like we get to discover the world all over again, right along with him.

Sam's Job Update: He had an interview yesterday that went really well with state attorney's office. We are just waiting now to hear if he got it, should know something by Monday... we are on pins and needles. Thanks again for the prayers!!
Remember to pray for Linda today, she is having csection at 12:30!! yay!!

Here are the videos. I have posted 2 of him saying everyone's names in an effort to let you see the more sensored verson or the silly version, whichever you prefer. In the silly version he thought it was funny to say "la boomba" (balloon) instead of names and then got so silly at end he literally gagged himself, what can I say.. that's my boy! Sensored version involves no gagging at end and few more names.

1. Silly Sammy's roll call 2. Sensored version of his "roll call"

He can walk backwards!