Sunday, February 8, 2009

Sammy's Scary Dent.... and some sweet pics!

So I was organizing pics and uploading from the last few weeks and found some extra sweet pics that from when Sammy visited Pops and Ester right after he turned 1. It was such a fun visit, he got to see not only his great grandpa & great grandma but his Aunt Eunice and Aunt Lillian. Sammy loved entertaining everyone and almost took his first steps, he was so close (it happened exactly two weeks later). He quacked at the ducks in their backyard and tried persimmons (they grow on a tree in their back yard!) for the first time. The coolest thing for us was to see how his great grandparents made him and how much joy he brought to them. It also made me extra thankful that he speaks Spanish b/c Pops talked mostly with Sammy in Spanish and he followed what Pops told him to do and would laugh right back with him, very very sweet memories. So, I wanted to be sure to put some of these pics up.
Also.. we had such a scare yesterday! Sammy runs all over the place now and he had on his swishy athletic pants (which have since been packed up since he constantly trips on them) and the pants started sagging, he stepped on the bottom of them while running and down he went. It looked just like the cartoons when a character slips on bananas but it was NOT funny, quite the contrary.. there was a loud crack/boom (we have tile floors downstairs) and then I waited... and waited for the inevitable screaming while I rushed to him but no sound. His little eyes rolled back into his head and I guess the wind was knocked out of him. I grabbed him up and he was only out for 4 or 5 seconds (in mommy time that is like 4 or 5 years) and he just looked at me all dazed and tried to cry but nothing came out, it was just indescribably awful. I literally ran over to Joe & Gloria's house with him and they were such a huge help (both with Sammy & calming me down, lol). He started to cry then and was normal Sammy again (PRAISE GOD!) and the doctor told us signs to watch for, not to let him sleep, etc. He was great for rest of day then last night we realized he had a big ol' dent in his head. We called and the nurse told us that wasn't good sign could be slight bleed on brain so to bring him right in to ER (again.. scary). Sam called the ER to tell them we were coming but the nurse there said no, not to worry that he was fine and dent was ok too as long as he didn't vomit. So, we've been watching carefully and he seems just fine. God is so wonderful! That had to be one of if not my most scariest moment as his mommy!
One more peice of good news.. he moved up to the toddler class at church today and he did so great! He had been having some seperation anxiety issues and cried when we left him each Sunday but this new class seems to have done the trick. We walked up to door and there were 6 or 7 little boys his size (serious lack of girls in there) playing with super cool toys and we set him down and he walked right over, looked back once and smiled sheepishly, and joined right in. So, it was I guess harder on me than him, ha ha! The old class was with the crawling babies and had rocking chairs and cribs and was so baby like. This one is all big kid all the way. Oh well.. guess we will have lots of these little milestones to follow! So fun!
Here are the pics with Pops and Esther but we think we Sammy will end up calling Pops Abuelito since he already calls Sam's dad Grandpa. Enjoy them!

Samuelito getting his fat rolls pinched.. happens everytime poor thing!

Sammy with Pops, I love this one!

Playing with his new car with Abuelito and Brennan

Chasing the ducks with Daddy

Practicing for those first steps

Center of attention and loving it!

Sam DeLucca #s 1, 2, & 4 (not sure where my # 3 was)

Lillian, Esther, Sammy, Pop, & Eunice