Friday, May 14, 2010

Wanna pway Cousins pweas!



This my friends is a phrase that I am growing quite weary of hearing these days. I typed this in Sammy language but it translates to “I want to play with my cousins please”. We were so excited that my cousin Karen and her kids Cole & Shelby came down from TN to celebrate Shelby’s birthday and as an added bonus they brought Julie down with them too! Sammy hadn’t seen them since last summer but he looks at their pictures a lot and was a very eager beaver on our way up to Aunt Sandra’s house.

I was so very impressed with how well behaved both Cole and Shelby were, they were so sweet with Sammy and really doted on him. Both had grown and matured so much since I last saw them. Cole showed Sammy many magic tricks that wowed Sammy each and every time and Shelby was a little mama helping with every aspect of Sammy’s day. They read to him, encouraged him to eat all his food, played cars (a must if you are to be buddies with this kid), swam, and even taught him how to run races with them. Unfortunately our visit with them came to an end much too quickly and ever since, literally EVERY day, he asks about his cousins. He really grabbed hold of that word and loves to use it.

Julie or Julz as I call her also came down and I just can’t believe how grown up she is! It is so weird to see my little baby cousin as a little lady. We used to live a few streets away from them so I would pick her up all the time and hang out with her. She was just the sweetest little girl and even when she was just toddling around I would have a blast with her each time we had our girl time. She is just too cool for me these days that I can’t keep up but I sure wish we had more time together. She is such a stand up girl, strong in her faith with a kind sweet heart for others, and she can sure crack me up!! She has always been like that,  so it is cool to see her evolve into this beautiful young lady. I know she will leave a big mark on this world in one way or another. You keep on shining Julz, I love you so much!

Their trip down here totally sealed the deal on us taking a trip up to TN at some point this summer. I miss my family too much and it isn’t right for Sammy to barely see his cousins. So.. all you TN folks, get ready, the planning of a trip is in the works!!!

Oh and as a side note.. the other phrase we are hearing often and a little too much of is Sammy’s replacement of the tried and true phrase “thank you”. Our child has chosen to say “gracias, porfavor, AMEN!” each and every time he would typically say thank you. It was cute at first but now, not so much. We’re working on it though and hope to have it phased out soon.


Here they were teaching Sammy how to do a “cool” pose, he clearly embraced it


He “wuvs” his “Shwewlby”


She lost a tooth while we were there which blew Sammy’s mind, he couldn’t believe it and still retells the story to anyone who will listen to him


Happy birthday Shelby! We love you!


I love this pic b/c I have several pictures of me sitting in that very chair with a cake all lit up with candles and a toothless grin. Warms my heart!

DSC04531 DSC04536

Here Cole was teaching Sammy how “men” pose… Sammy was instructed to stand with his arms crossed and look tough, ha ha


He would literally do everything they said which was a little worrisome. Here Cole was teaching him to do a trick and on Cole’s cue Sammy was to fall over which he did about 7 times in a row until I cut Cole off b/c I was scared Sammy would have a bruise, silly boys!



Blown away by the good ol’ penny out of your ear magic trick


Shelby with my mom, so sweet!

DSC04559 DSC04560

Nicole and Julz the coolest teens in the whole world!


Sammy followed Jamie Lynn and Shelby around like a little puppy it was so funny


She not only changed his diapers but also brushed his teeth and helped bathe him!


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