Sunday, October 4, 2009

Family Pictures/ 18 month pics.... finally!

Well here ya go.. now that Sammy will turn 2 next month I am finally getting around to posting some of his 18 month pictures. We had just SO much fun doing the session and Amy our photographer was so amazing, who knew we would make a great friend along the way? She is phenomenal! We have been just so impressed with her and HIGHLY recommend her. Here is her site She even took a few of Samuelito and his Mimi that are just precious. We went with the CD option and are printing ourselves so fyi family members.. you can expect some in the mail soon. Yay! (we have black and whites too if interested)

I want to say thank you to my Mom for these awesome and amazing pictures! This is by far the best gift you could have given and we thank you from the bottom of our hearts. They mean so much to us and we will treasure them always. You are so generous and giving and we just love you to pieces.

For those of you who get these blog updates via email... click at the link in the bottom of your email to check out our actual blog, I have updated it with a new look for fall. I guess this is a close as I will get to scrapbooking for now. =) I sure miss that!!!!

Check out some of our favorites! I love this first one, he looks like a little angel!

For those who haven't seen this in person, it is him being an airplane. He LOVES to do the airplane and even has sound effects, I am SOO happy she caught it on film! We had no idea she got it so it was fun surprise to see! I am sure in a few years we will forget some of his signature "moves" so glad to have the memories on film.

LOVE this one!!! Now are my Sams handsome or what???? I'm one blessed lady for sure!

Sammy sure loves his Mimi, can see it all over his face, so sweet!

Thanks again Amy, they are beautiful!!!!! You are one extremely talented lady!