Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Sammy and his great Abuelito

Before I go on I have to say that Sam and I are working with the kindergarteners in VBS this year and are just so impressed with it all. Last year was great but I was a missionary (talked to kids about Guatemala) in one of the Bibile site rooms and just spoke to each group as they cycled through and so I really didn't get a feel for the whole sh'bang. It is such a huge production. Also, can you believe we have 62 kindergarteners??!! Two of these are special needs so it was a lot of work. There are 5 of us workers and wow, it was just a litte exhausting but so totaly worth it. The kids were cracking us up with the funny things they say and their cute dancing. At the beginning and end all the kids get together for a big group time with lots of singing and dancing and the kindergarteners were by far the best dancers. They can wiggle like nobody's businsess! We had decided at the start when we saw how many kids showed up that we would break them into small groups for each worker to be in charge of. How about Sam got 5 boys and I have 12 girls!!! Fair??? I think not. Anyway, please pray that VBS witll be a life shaping opportunity for all of the kids who visit our church and pray for endurance and patience for all of the workers.
Now, onto the real post. =)

Here is one more post from our recent escapades in Jax. We had a really special visit with Pops and Esther, Sammy's great grandparents. Sammy LOVES visiting them and eats up all of the attention. He loves their parrots from Peurto Rico and plays asks to hold them as soon as he walks in the door. This time he sat at the table with Pops and had a pretty long conversation with him in Spanish about something, I think juice. =) I had asked Pops to impart words of wisdom and tell Sammy something wise he has learned in life but they pretty much talked about the importance of juice. I think I caught Pops off gaurd, he said he needed time to think so I told him next time we come I will bring the video camera to record his words of wisdom. It will be so sweet for Sammy to look at that video when he is a young man and hear sweet words from his great grandpa.

Sammy ate a lot of queso blanco and fruit and then ran around in their backyard chasing all the ducks in to the pond. He was sad when they all swam away but thankfully they came right back quacking and one started to chase him! Payback, right??? It was a really fun time and we only wish we lived closer so we could visit with them more. Here are a few pics!

Sammy with his great grandma

My big strong boy!

Pops is so sweet, he is always kissing and touching Sammy, very very cute
Well, Pops, I personally perfer V8 splash however, this new fruit juice has insprired me to branch out and explore a variety of other fruity options....
and more Spanish! Yay!

Sammy got to see his cousin Dianne!
Loves his Auntie Lillian!
We shortened Pop's cane and Sammy pretended he needed it, to funny
Awww, sweet memories!