Tuesday, June 2, 2009

True example of Acts 2

   I just wanted to say thank you again to our wonderfully amazing Sunday School class who have literally been a living example of an Acts 2 church to us during our difficult times. As you know, Sam was laid off and my stipend ended and thus, within just a few days we went from barely making it to no income. We thought times were tough as we struggled to make it through the transition from GPD salary to that of Chrystler but as we watched our savings dwindle we knew that sacrifices were needed to do what was best for our family and thus we made changes where needed. Then.. to learn that he had been laid off.. yikes.  What's up with this God? Yes, I hate to admit it but I did question God, I wondered why we had to go through another rough year especially after our previous year. Thankfully, God surrounded me with those much wiser than myself and pretty much sat me down and had a good talk with me. Within literally a couple days of the bad news Andrea had an engagement in Gville and stayed with us. Coincidence? I think not. God spoke to me through her. I was whining to her and said, "I just don't get it. What is God up to? We went through our fire last year" her reply, "yes but God never said there would only be one fire". Simple but oh so true. In fact, in retrospect, had we not gone through trials and grown in our faith & marriage through circumstances of the previous year, we may not have been strong enough to make it through this financial crisis.  I want to be careful in how I word this because I am not glad we are having such a rough time of it but I am VERY thankful for the many things we have learned through this and how God is growing our faith. I am thankful for the job Sam will hopefully soon start and that it seems like it will be a much better experience than he had at Chrystler and will hopefully meet our needs better.
    God has literally provided for us through our Sunday School class and of course my mom and Richard. Acts 2:44 says "all the believers were together and had everything in common. Selling their possessions and goods, they gave to anyone as he had need....".   Our class is filled with amazing couples just like us young (or relatively so, ha ha sorry remember my husband just turned 30!) married couples who have yet to or are just starting thier families. Not only is money tight but TIME is a valued thing with working families and new babies. So, to think that they would take the time to cook and bring us dinners and gift cards for groceries and things we need. I mean it just blew my mind. The outpouring of love, support, encouragement, and prayers on our behalf was just amazing. For instance, we had a day where we had tried to make the budget work on paper and were so worried and thought hmm... how on earth will we put gas in the car for Sam to get to the interview and then viola! Gas card appeared on our front door the next morning (thank you again) and same thing over and over with Publix and Walmart giftcards, even dog food for Franklyn! So wonderful. Not only did they help God provide for our physical needs but really for our spritual needs. Just when we would start to get discouraged someone would call or send card or come by with meals, it was just a constant reminder of just how much God loves us and is and will always take care of us. It is pretty hard to be bitter when you are constantly saying thank you. So, as a result of the sacrifices of our friends and family, we have been able to stay strong in our own faith and see this for the opportunity it really was, to grow closer to Him.
   Sometimes I wonder why I have to be so dense, God must get so fustrated with me sometimes. He is so obvious about things and I just don't get it or just doubt in the back of my mind. Samantha, Hannah, and Krista gave me a good wakeup and lesson in terms of faith. Right about the same time that all of this happened our little dog Franklyn started limping and only using 3 legs. We obviously couldn't afford to go to the vet so we tried to just minimize where he could roam and keep him off stairs, etc. The girls were just devastated to see him like that and prayed off and on while they were over for a sleepover. Their Sunday school teachers at church told me they lifted Franklyn up in class as a prayer request. Samantha told me before she left that she just KNEW God would answer their prayers and that I should just trust God. "It's easy Teri, just trust Him" is what she said with her big ol' smile when she walked out the door. In my mind I immediately thought, ha well yea sometimes, but not always. See, I knew in all my wisdom that Franklyn needed to go to vet and have something done to get better. Nope! Wouldn't you know he stopped limping that very night? Obviously a coincidence, it will come back was my thought but nope, he hasn't limped since. I have thus been trying not to doubt and to trust fully. It is not easy, especially with the big ticket items, but I believe God used little Samantha to speak to me too.
  There are so many many other ways God has been and is working in our lives to show us his ultimate plan for our family and to grow us and shape us into who He wants us to be. I will spare you all the details but I am just so thankful for all of those He has placed in our lives to help us through this. We love and appreciate all of you and all you have done. Thank you for giving to us and helping us! Thank you God for our experiences in Guatemala that have kept our "struggles" in persepective. Thankfully our bellies have been full and we have been healthy and safe during our "difficult times" and for that we are truly blessed. 

Muchos Gracias Mi Amigas!