Friday, October 9, 2009

My Wild Child....

Just wanted to post a video from last night of Sammy being Sammy. Sam has been working with his dad in St. Augustine a few days each week and that means we have lots of Mommy & Sammy time! I have been trying to take him to do fun stuff and really soak up the one on one time and we had a blast last night! We went to hike on the nature trail and collected a lot of leaves and acorns then came home and played a little soccer out front. He was sooo silly all night long! He was just wild while he was eating and I had to grab the camera b/c it was too much. Don't worry Mom, after I stoped taping I told him it is rude to put his fingers in his nose. =) I also made him clean up his big mess he made with all the silliness, so all is well.

He was trying to jump up and kiss Juan who was on his balcony

He kept squealing .. "cwunch cwunch" as he crunched the leaves

And then he had to clean up all his shrimp he knocked on the ground...and wipe up the baked beans (he thought this job was especially "yucky!")

I also include a picture of his class this morning. They have been learning about the color orange so they all were to wear orange shirts today. Their Bible story for the week is on King David so during circle time they were talking about him being a shepherd and Sammy got to put the felt sheep on the page in the pasture. He was VERY proud of himself. =)