Thursday, June 4, 2009

Twinkle Twinkle Little Star

  Just quick post to show this funny video. As you know my mom is a sign language interpreter and so Sammy has been learning some signs.  He LOVES to sign Twinkle Twinkle with her and he is gotten to where he can sign about half of it. The second time through on the video is much better than the first. I also put up one of his babbling in sentences. We have had to study language development in my program but I am just fully enyoing watching my own little guy learn, it is so much cooler than all the research and text books. So amazing if you think about all their little brains have to do in order to understand concepts and assign labels and meanings, then learn categories, etc. Wow. Sammy is now at the point where he pretty much understands and repeats what we say but only about half of what he says in interpretable. The rest we have no clue, as you will see in the second video. He will babble in sentences and ask very long drawn out questions about things, even raising his voice with inflecion at the end, it cracks us up. 

  Lastly, I had to include a copule pics of Sammy's favorite things to do lately. The first is plugging his ears to play & explore sound localization, it is very funny but not so great when out in public as he likes to whisper and SCREAM to hear the difference with his ears plugged. The next is of his newly found skill of catching a ball, he hold his arms out and waits, so funny. Lastly, we have his original silly face (big oh shaped mouth) that he still does mutiple times a day and now his newest silly face which consists of scruncing up his nose and mouth. Oh my silly silly boy, you keep us on our toes and we just love you oh so much! 

               Do you hear what I hear?

                             I'm all ready daddy!
                           The original silly face (above) and new and improved (below)