Saturday, January 24, 2009

La Vaquita... MOO!!

So, for those of you who know my son well, you know he is OBSESSED in every sense of the word with cows. We can't really explain it, he has always loved them even when we was only a few months old. One of his first belly laughs and smiles was in response to a cow figurine at Gloria's house. Just a side note, he was so fond of her little smiling cow and begged for it each morning so she moved it and hid it in her kitchen cabinet (it was glass). Sammy still would point to the cabinet and ask to see the cow and get this.. she gave it away as a white elephant gift this Christmas! I still give her a hard time about it. Poor Sammy still misses that little cow and asks for it and the sad thing is the person who got her gift lives in CA and was only visiting. I told her we need to pay for a plane ticket to fly that little cow home.

Anyway, Sammy does a great "moo" and he moo's literally anytime he sees a picture of a cow, hears the word, etc. He tries to say "la vaquita" (little cow) which is what Gloria calls them but it comes out "eeta". We decided to visit Paines Prairie to see the wild horses. It was fun and Sammy had a good time. On the way home though, we drove by a cow pasture and all the cows were by the fence. Sam drove our car up on the curb and we rolled down the window and there really are no words to express just how happy Sammy was! He was literally ecstatic! So, we took him up to the fence and he "moo"ed his little heart out. He was yelling at them and talking up a storm. His eyes were as big as saucers. The entire herd came up to the fence and we stayed until the sun went down. I never would have thought I could find so much joy standing and watching cows for that long. It just makes my heart so happy to see him that happy. The video I posted is of him after we got in the car to leave. He wouldn't get in his seat, he just kept yelling and moo'ing at the cows. Then the whole ride home he just repeated "bye bye Moo" "bye bye eeta moo" over and over until he fell asleep with his hand in mid wave. It was by far one of my favorite memories of him so I wanted to share the pics/video (at the bottom).