Saturday, August 14, 2010

How you can help little Isaac and his family..

As most of you reading this know, Sam and I have been asking for a lot of prayer for the Shirey family as they face their new baby boy's upcoming surgery on Oct 6th. I have posted the following from Andrea's blog below where she mentions a list of prayer requests. Will you please pray for this family we love so very much? Isaac is the sweet baby that I actually got to SEE delivered, that's right, I went down to be with Andrea during the birth and it was so amazing. You can read about his grand entrance here.
Copied from The Shirey Family blog at :
Below is a list of specific prayer requests for Isaac (and us) as we make this journey through his surgery to correct his metopic craniosynostosis. We would be so grateful if you would commit to lift these before our God as often as they come to mind. I will update the list as we move forward with new requests and with answered prayers!

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Thank you so much!

Please pray for...

• Isaac to be in good health from now up until the surgery. Pray that there would be no intracranial pressure and no developmental delays due to the craniosynostosis
• The surgeons - Dr. Ramon Ruiz and Dr. Greg Olavarria - that they would perform to their highest abilities and make the best decisions possible during the surgery
• The hospital staff and all involved in the surgery and post-op stay - for nice nurses, for sound medical decisions, for precision in medication dosing, and every part of his hospital stay
• The recovery - that it would be quick and as painless as possible. For minimal swelling and no complications with fevers, nausea, or other side effects
• Isaac to be completely healed from this one surgery and have no lasting effects of the condition and no need for any follow-up procedures
• Traveling mercies for our families and friends who will travel to be with us and Isaac during the surgery and recovery
• Financial provision as we bear the cost of the surgery, for quick payments from the insurance companies and for no problems with negotiating insurance coverages

• Andrea's work schedule to be worked out so she can have the week of surgery off (and get paid) and work from home during Isaac's recovery
• Emotional strength for Scott & I as we prepare to see Isaac through this time
• Understanding and comfort for Connor as he sees his brother in pain and as he deals in his own 4-year old way with this journey and to protect his little heart from any sadness or fear
• Faith in God that NO MATTER WHAT we trust him in ALL things regardless of the surgery outcome
• The opportunity to witness to others between now and the surgery and in the hospital. That God will place people in our path that need the hope of Christ and give us the boldness to share with them
• God to be glorified in every single step of this process