Monday, June 8, 2009

Less than ideal trip to the beach

So, while visiting Sam's family a few weeks ago we thought it would be great to take Sammy to the beach and spend some fun relaxing family time. Grammy & Aunt Sarah came with us and it was fun day, for the most part. Sammy had not been to the beach since he was about 8 months old and he absoultely loved it then so we were super excited to take him back. Sammy had loved playing in the sand, loved watching the birds, and most of all loved the water. Yea, this time.. not so much. He was very excited in the car but our first clue came when we were talking about all we would see when we got to the beach. The min he heard there would be sand, he whimpered a little and shook his head no. He was a little hesitant when we got there but he ran right out to the waves and took it all in, things were good. He even dug in the sand for a little bit. Then, sadly, a wave came and knocked him down, not fully but his feelings were still hurt plus, his favorite blue shoe had come off. He just watched it float away and cried.. "boo shoe" over and over and yes, it was downhill from there. He was not a happy camper. Thankfully he took a long nap on Grammy and felt a little better when he woke up but we have decided we will need to try again another day. Not sure what it is with the boy and sand. Maybe we should have packed his socks and then it would have been no problem?

Loved jumping in waves with daddy
He looked for seashells with his arheologist Auntie.. that's right, he has Laura Croft for an Aunt! Cool times ahead for you Sammy.... can we say, adventure please??!!!
Apparently all he needed was a little of Grammy's loving to make it all better

Sam and Sarah worked so hard on their well planned castle
San and Sarah being.. well, Sam and Sarah. They are seriously hillarious when they are together, think Ross & Monica from friends and that pretty much sums them up. They even have a dance. Yup, that's right. Too cute, I love it and their relationship is one reason why I think Sammy needs a little sister. We love you Sarah Michelle!

This is about when it all starting going downhill... that sand just wouldn't leave him alone
Chasing seaguls with Grammy, so fun!
Don't fall over baby!
See, this is what I don't get. His legs were covered with mud and he was fine, but a few grains of sand of feet and oh my, it was all over??? I guess I just don't understand my silly silly boy.

Sam's Job Update: Also, many have aksed the job status. Still hasn't started yet. He has called and gone by and they do confirm the job is his. Apparently they are putting together an new service team and still in hiring process of others so Sam is just having to wait until they are ready for him. We are hoping in next few days but will keep you posted. Thanks for your continued prayers!

Fun at the farm

Quick post to put up some pics of Sammy & Layla at the farm. Our friends Louie & Tereasa have a farm on their property that has some really unique and sweet animals and is just a great place for toddlers with lots of energy to run around. We met up with Little Miss Layla-bug who was just so sweet and so very entertaining, oh yea and Grammy, Sarah, and Ashley too. The moment we got there Layla ran out to us "Baby Sammy, look this" and from then on they were on a mission to explore every inch of the farm together. I still remember talking with Ashley when we were preggers about how she wanted a boy and I wanted a gril, we laughed saying how would prob get the reverse and yes we did! I just can't believe how big Layla is now! She was talking up a storm and just so sweet and funny. Her mommy Ashley is expecting her second and there is no doubt Layla will be a great big sis! Oh, I have to mention, Sammy had his first kiss this day. We were looking at all of the cars in Louie's garage and thought would be cute to take pic of the kids in the car from the Munsters (sorry, I never saw that show so can't remember the car's name, oops) and their little kiss was so cute. I had the video camera and right after the kiss I asked Sammy what he thought of his first kiss. He just got this big grin and said "whoa!" really loud and started jumping up and down, too cute. Maybe will send that one on in to America's funniest videos and make some money off of them. =) It was a super fun day and we can't wait for Sammy & Layla to play again soon.

They were oinking together at the polka dotted pigglets

Rocky the Monkey was their favorite, and mine too!

Louie was imparting his wisdom to Sammy.. uh oh that can't be a good thing, lol
"Follow me baby Sammy" is what we heard all day, so cute!


Sammy was so very brave! He seriously has no fear around animals, just loves them all

Sammy's now famous hugs, love it.

He shared his blueberries and green beans fine but it was hands off the carrots! Oh well, maybe better sharing next time. Sorry Layla!